Monday, 1 August 2016


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

Uolss dah ready for THIS ?  coming to malaysia.. ok da safety arrive ye..
ok next wait for our design lak

Pernah dengar tak about this nylon headband like anak mat saleh selalu pakai tu.
ala-ala bile dorang pakai nampak super cute..

Nylod headband nilebih femes kat negara luar berbanding kat malysia ni
maybe belum lagi for this moment.. TAPI dont worry ok
i will make it much interesting with this nylon headband.

nylon headband ni diperbuat dari nylon spandex which incredibly soft, VERY STRECHY and will not leave a mark at ur child head.. so dont worry ya mommies.. lepas ni dah takde bekas kesan getah kat kepala baby 
for sure memang tak ketat tak sakit.. it just nice nad fix kat kpala even baby till kepala mommy juga.
paling best.. lepas mommy try sure akan back to normal..

the best part is they grow with ur baby and siblings can share it too.. best tau.

Lts try mommies :)

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